In this page I have collected some images of craft pieces made over the past years, with the latest artist in residence in Iceland 2022 first and later work further down.

Digging for clay and collecting sand for making ceramics and glazes from natural materials

Test pieces of sand and lava glazes

further tests of sand glazes and natural clay glazes

Natural clay mixes with porcelain and sand

Wood fired ash glaze pot Fired in the “Arabia” kiln in Helsinki

Wood fired drop vase

Raku bowl

Different white glazes on a clear glaze base

Layers of glaze on top of each other

Blue and orange glaze on a white glaze base

Gas fired clear glaze with different types of white glazes in lines

Woodfired celadon glaze

White glaze drops in a rutile iron glaze

Clear crackle glaze on porcelain

Rutile glaze bowl.

Porcelain slabs cut from the clay bag and glazed in layers

Porcelain slab with a blue celadon glaze