2022  June. “Mid-Atlantic Keramik Exchange Exhibition”. International group exhibition. Myndlistaskólinn  Reykjavik, Iceland.

2021  October. ”Kantava Maa – Solid Ground”. International group exhibition. Aalto University, Espoo, Finland.

2015 12-15/3   ”Views on clay” Design Migration group exhibition during “Design March”, Reykjavik townhall, Iceland.

2014   10/10-11/1     Ceramics & Space (Keramiikkaa tilassa)” Ornamo group exhibition, at the Helsinki Design Museum.

15-16/10  “Video as a Tool for Knowing in Design and Craft Practice”, Video installation: in ArchinTex, Design Films Series on Embodied Interaction Research Techniques, Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven.

2013  “Views on Clay” Design Migration group exhibition at the National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny, Ireland

2012  “Views on Clay” Design Migration group exhibition at the Design Museum, Helsinki.


03/12 – 30/12   ”Some Demos” Design Migration group exhibiton at the TÄKY Galleria, (Finnish  arts and crafts gallery) Lappeenranta, Finland.

12/2 – 3/5   “Convergence: Pottery from Studio and Factory.” at the Philadelphia Art Alliance, Philadelphia, US.


9/9 – 13/9  ”Some Demos” Design Migration group exhibiton at the Habitare Trade fair,

11/9 – 25/10  and Design Forum Finland show room, Helsinki.        


16/4 – 21/4  ”House” Design Migration group exhibition at Milan furniture fair, Satellite.

12/9 – 5/10   and Design Forum Finland show room, Helsinki.


15/8 – 26/8      “Esine” Design Migration group exhibition at Ambiente Trade Fair, Frankfurt,       Germany

13/2-17/2    and Design Forum Finland show room, Helsinki.


26/2 – 18/3   “Inform” ORNAMO group exhibition, Glass bowls at the Design Forum Finland show room, Helsinki.


23/4 – 12/9   “Nordic Cool – hot women designers.” Ceramic work at National museum for women in the arts, Washington, USA.


21/10 – 14/11  “Transformations on tour “ at Iowa State University, USA.

9/10 – 13/10  Ceramic exhibition at Tokyo Designers block 03, Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan.

24/9 – 28/9  “Float” ceramic installation, London Designers Block, London, UK.

18/6 – 4/10   “Transformations” glass installation, Parsons School of Design, New York, USA.

16/1 – 15/3   “Finchin jälkeläiset –Sata vuotta keramiikkaa ja lasia” Ceramic work at the Design Museum, Helsinki.

Ceramic design exhibition at Nagoya International Design Centre, Nagoya, Japan.

Designers’ Block London: Ceramic installation in Selfridges’ Department store window, Oxford street, during designers block, London, UK.

Seoul Designers’ Block: “Spiral picnic ceramic installation at Seoul Designers Block”, Seoul art centre, Seoul, South Korea.

Tokyo Designers’ Block “Spiral picnic” ceramic installation at Tokyo Designers block, Spiral building, Tokyo, Japan.

100% DESIGN event; London UK, Exhibiting work made for The Design Council, Gifu.

Designers’ Block London “Urban garden” glass installation at , The Barge house, London, UK

“IWCAT ceramic exhibition”, INAX tile museum, Tokoname, Japan.

“EUROPEAN WAY(S) OF LIFE”, ceramic design Musee du Louvre, Paris, France.

DESIGNERS BLOCK MILAN Ceramic installation “Milan Designers block” Spazio Consolo, Milan during Salone di Mobile, Italy.

“Designers’ Network” ceramic installation at the Spitafields Gallery, London, UK

“SHOWCASES” Crafts Council, London, UK.

“Disappearance works” Tokyo Designers Block, Tokyo, Japan, and in Takumi studios, Gifu, Japan

“TARHA” exhibition at Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland, following the events of the “Tarha Project” at Design Museum Cafe, Helsinki, Finland.

Studio Paula C. Exhibition of student projects during Salone di Mobile, Milan, Italy.