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  • Ceramic Sections

    The “Section” vases and bowls consists of only 2 parts, one container and one extension part. By using the two parts as building blocks it is possible to adjust these 2 parts in to 4 different designs.

  • Disappearance works

    The idea of this project is to play with the notion of space saving in the congested and compact homes of any urban city, in this case as the work was made in Japan I was thinking of Tokyo. I was experimenting with different ways of camouflaging everyday objects into their surroundings, making them “disappear”…

  • Erikoinen

    The “Erikoinen” range was first designed for and exhibition in Tokyos Designers block aranged by IDEE. Sponsoring companies Masters Craft (distributor) and Akechi Seto (manufacturer) decided to take the range into production. The range consists of a cup and a saucer and a large dinner plate. The items are multifunctional and stack tightly. More about…

  • Bamboo

    “Take” sake bottle The Bamboo or “Take” sake bottle was developed on a commission for Akechi Seto in Mizunami, Japan. The company was looking for a new multifunctionalshape for a sake bottle, that alternatively could be used as a flower vase or for salad dressing. Bamboo ricebowls The Bamboo ricebowls were developed on a commissin…

  • Tactile Landscapes

    The tactile landscape pieces (40 cm) are large procelain clay displays of three dimensional glazes that form touchable landscapes. They may be interpreted as micro landscapes with hills bays and islands or macro displays of bacterial formations.

  • Exhibitions

    On this page I have collected some images from exhibitions over the time. This is the latest group exhibition, the results of a artist in resident program on Iceland in 2022. (see the Craft page for other images) Ceramic bowls made of natural clay and lava and sand glazes. This is a video installation that…

  • Lens bowls

    Lens bowl The “Lens” bowls (35 cm) were hot centrifuged at the Iittala factory during a student collaboration led by Glass artist Markku Salo.

  • Public Art

    Large Stone Labyrinth. This Public Art piece was commissioned by Kotkan Energia for their windmill park. It was built in the summer 1997 in a large recreational park area by the sea. The labyrinth is 40 x 30 meters in diameter and it is shaped in the form of a traditional “Jatulin tarha” stone formation…